Puppy List

The complete Dreamwood Border Collie family.
Each link will take you to the Litter story for the puppy.
Pedigrees are shown with the Litter details of each puppy.
Dreamwood Fergus Macbride (Fergus)
Dreamwood Fianna (Freya)
Dreamwood Finbarr (Jack)
Dreamwood Fionn (Riley)
Dreamwood Fionnghuala (Tilly)
Dreamwood Gaibrial (Gaib)
Ch Dreamwood Gallagher (Ciaran)
Dreamwood Gildea (Nelson)
Dreamwood Gilibeirt (Morgan)
Dreamwood Ileesh (Ileesh)
Dreamwood Keelieskilt (Puff)
Dreamwood Kerwyn (Barkley)
Dreamwood Kilbeggan (Oscar)
Dreamwood Macree (Siobhan)
Dreamwood Madailein (Maddi)
Dreamwood Madigan (Storm)
Dreamwood Mairead (Smudge)
Dreamwood Maitilde (Mattie)
Dreamwood Miriam (Echo)
Dreamwood Molly (Bridie)
Dreamwood Niamh (Niamh)
Dreamwood Nuala (Lucy)
Dreamwood Odanodan (Dusty)
Dreamwood Padraic (Rory)
Dreamwood Phelan (Darcy)
Dreamwood Quinn (Wentworth)
Dreamwood Raicheal (Raicheal)
Dreamwood Reagan (Archie)
Dreamwood Red Rock Of Cashel (Murphy)
Dreamwood Red Ryleigh (Ryleigh)
Dreamwood Redmonds Hornpipe (Truffles)
Dreamwood River Annalee (Ishka)
Dreamwood River Bride (Tache)
Dreamwood River Clarin (Loki)
Dreamwood River Foyle (Tennyson)
Dreamwood River Lee (Nellie)
Dreamwood River Mahon (Rizzi)
Dreamwood River Shannon (Caddy)
Dreamwood Roisin (Rosie)
Dreamwood SaintBrendan (Jedda)
Dreamwood SaintBrigid (Brig)
Dreamwood SaintDana (Frankie)
Dreamwood SaintDonal (Rocky)
Dreamwood SaintMeadhbh (Sophie)
Dreamwood SaintPatrick (Paddy)
Dreamwood Scarlett Princess (Scarlett)
Dreamwood Seamus (Jock)
Dreamwood Seosamh (Joey)
Dreamwood Sinead (Millie)
Dreamwood Siobhan (Evi)
Dreamwood Siofa (Bindi)
Dreamwood Sweeneys Slip Jig (Jax)
Dreamwood Tadgh (Tadgh)
Dreamwood Tahbert (Jax)
Dreamwood Taracastle (Enya)
Dreamwood Teagans Tara (Teagan)
Dreamwood Teisha (Macy)
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