Dreamwood Estate


Bridie and the Webmaster

The Webmaster always wanted a Border Collie...

After many years we decided the time was right, and so began our journey to find a puppy.

How naive we were to think you only needed to find a Breeder, make a phone call and waltz along to collect your new baby.

We discovered there was a Border Collie 'Puppy Co-ordinator', who maintained a list of current litters with the Breeder's details. The 'list' was recorded on an answering machine!

I think we probably wore out a few tapes on that machine because we rang at least four times a day.

Some months later we were blessed to find a wonderful Breeder and our Clydach Cherry Mist - who we named Bridie (she's the grey one in the photo).

Time passed and The Boss started to think about having puppies of our own... 

(but that's another story).