Dreamwood Border Collies


Dreamwood NBS Radio Mast
Happy to have attained my AOCP (Advanced) and new Callsign: VK2ZRO.
Progress towards getting the Shack 'On-Air' is progressing well lately...
The Cable Entry box is complete, with seven (7) Surge Arrestors (SO239) installed.
The Earth system is installed, using two (2) new 19 mm copper rods (1.8m long).
The new copper rods are bonded to the NBS mast, Mains earth and the Cable Entry Cabinet common earth busbar with 35 mmcable.
Another 35 mm2 cable links the busbar with the Shack's common earth point. All radios, power supplies etc etc are wired to the Shack common earth point with 6 mm2 cable.
My solution to the 'slapping cable syndrome': a length (at least 600 mm) of 25 mm2 aluminium tubing attached to the upper hydraulic ram mount, using the same Clevis pin (5/8"). The mast end of the 600 mm section has a right angle joiner to a short length (mine is 45 mm but 40 mm would be better) - this short piece is vertical and engages inside the sloping top of the mast bracket, to keep the 600 mm length roughly horizontal. The cable end is a scrap (about 150 mm) of 40 mm poly pipe, screwed to the 600 mm length. The poly is slit along its outer length - this slit is opened to allow the cable(s) to slip inside - the slit then closes tightly to encase the cables. A further refinement would be a similar (shorter) attachment below the Hazer to move the cable away from the mast near the top (see pictures).
The Fritzel fd4 OCF is the only antenna in operation so far.
73 from VK2ZRO

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