Dreamwood Border Collies


As at Friday, 6th August 2021, there are NO puppies available at Dreamwood Border Collies.
Please register your interest with Donna via our Puppy Enquiry Form.

Owning a new puppy is a life-changing experience - Not unlike bringing home a newborn child. Who would think of spending happy hours with their newborn during the holidays, then leaving it alone for 10 hours a day when they return to work?
We love our puppies and want to see them join families who will respect and care for them - as long as they live.
Please note that we have only seen Black & White, or Red & White, from our Litters.
If you are looking for Chocolate, Merle, Sable, Tri or any other colour, please look for Border Collie Breeders on the Dogs NSW or DogzOnline websites.
A word of WARNING when you are looking for a puppy!
Puppies have Mothers, and reputable Breeders care for their Mothers, as much as they care for their Puppies.
The Government cares too - the Animal Welfare Code of Practice - Breeding dogs and cats (Para (Page 27) states that:
"Bitches must not have more than two litters in any two year period, unless with the written approval of a veterinary practitioner"
This does NOT mean three (3) litters in less than 12 months. Don't think that happens? Just check out Facebook.
So when you contact a Breeder, who assures you their puppies are well cared for, socialised, blah, blah - ask them...
"How many litters has the Mother had - and when?"
See the Litter List for past Dreamwood litters.

Please consider the following if you wish to own a Dreamwood Border Collie.
Terms and Conditions
  1. We invite prospective owners to express interest in adding a Dreamwood Border Collie puppy to their life.
  2. We will ask questions to understand the prospective owner's wishes and situation.
  3. We will record the prospective owner's details on our waiting list.
  4. Details will include name, address, phone number and email address.
  5. We will contact the prospective owner if we have a puppy which may suit the owner's wishes and situation.
  6. We will request a deposit only to confirm the bona fides of the prospective owner's interest.
  7. A deposit does not constitute a contract of sale nor acceptance by us of an offer by the prospective owner.
  8. A deposit confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  9. We will offer a viewing date and time for the prospective owner to view all puppies.
  10. We request prospective owners to observe the one hour viewing period. 
  11. Viewing will not occur before the puppies are 5 weeks old.
  12. We welcome the opportunity to introduce the puppies' parents if they are living with us.
  13. At the time of viewing, we will note the prospective owner's preferences for a particular puppy.
  14. The selection and allocation of puppies to prospective owners will be at our sole discretion. This is not negotiable.
  15. If the prospective owner decides to not buy a puppy after providing a deposit, we will return the deposit in full by bank transfer.
  16. If we decide to not sell a puppy to the prospective owner for any reason, we will return any deposit in full by bank transfer.
  17. We may withdraw a puppy from sale at any time and provide an appropriate refund.
  18. We will vaccinate and administer worming treatment to the puppy as advised by our Vet.
  19. We will arrange microchipping of the puppy as required by legislation.
  20. We will register the puppy with Dogs NSW as specified by the Dogs NSW Code of Conduct for Registered Breeders.
  21. We will place the puppy on 'Limited Register' unless we agree that the successful owner may breed or show the puppy.
  22. We will offer a pickup date and time for the successful owner to collect the puppy.
  23. The puppy will not leave us before the age of eight (8) weeks as specified by Dogs NSW and the Border Collie Club Code of Ethics
  24. We will need the balance of payment to be made before the puppy leaves us.
  25. We will provide a Contract to the successful owner. 
  26. We will provide a 'Log book' for the puppy with diet guidelines, health and grooming information.
  27. We will explain the contents of the Log Book during the one hour collection period.
  28. We will tell the successful owner their obligation to restrain their puppy while travelling home.
  29. We will answer any questions or concerns of the successful owner.
  30. We are not a Pet Shop where you walk in and say "I want that one", pay your money and walk out.

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