Dreamwood Estate


host-coupleThe Dreamwood International story began in 1986...

A family friend rang one evening to ask "Could you use some extra income?"

Our 4th child was just 3 weeks old, so not surprisingly we said "Yes".

Our new Amway business needed a suitable name to capture our hopes and aspirations - but what to call it?


For many years we had been planting trees and changing the landscape of our little house block at Epping - it measured a massive 15 metres (50') wide by 80 metres (250') deep.

We realised the business gave us the opportunity to achieve our dream of living on acreage, planting many more trees than would fit at Epping - so we combined 'Dreams' and 'Trees' into 'Dreamwood'.

The 'International' was a natural addition after we shared the business and sponsored friends in the UK and USA.


In 1988 we moved to a magical 5 acre property at Tennyson in the Hawkesbury Valley, north west of Sydney.

Soon we began planting trees en-masse and ran a few steers as paddock mowers.

After a few years we purchased our first Alpacas, and after much research and soul-searching began breeding Border Collies in 2005.


On Christmas Day 2009, we officially launched Dreamwood Estate Bed and Breakfast - sharing with new friends our 5-acre dream; Border Collie family and Alpacas.

In November 2017 we arrived at Windera near Orange in the NSW Central West, to open the next Life Chapter with just our Border Collie family.